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WEBSITES consists of

Print and Web Designs will assist in either Design or Hosting or Both.

As a general rule it is always good to do both with one Provider, so that any future changes can be solved immediately as well as extra support that will be provided.


It is important not just to have a website name and email,
but to have a website whereto clients can go and
'check you out'.
Give clients a look into your business with
what you do, About you and your business,
and immediate contact information.

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Websites and Emails will be hosted on a server. to be 'kept alive'.  This is called Hosting.

A Hosting provider is responsible for backups and restore of any web/email problems you might have.  Websites are also regularly attacked by hackers.

We provide extra support in hosting - giving you the comfort of any attacks.  In most cases you will be responsible for how you do restores - where we will do it for you.

Also - we setup any emails you need on your computer or phone!  We will assist in any way we can!

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The Following Prices INCLUDE

* a FREE Domain.

Please enquire for other domain prices like a .com

* Free Basic Updates
(for example Telno changes, Photo add-ons, etc.)

** These design prices are applicable if Hosting is done
with Print and Web Designs.
Please enquire for Design Prices if Design is needed without Hosting.

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What is a 1 Pager?

A One-Pager is a written pitch of your company. The page details the core of your business—what you're offering, how you're going about it and why you stand out from the competition—tightly packaged and expertly worded to fit on a single, sleek and captivating webpage.

When clicking on a link or menu, the user scrolls down the page or jumps to that particular content's section - which makes it easy for most clients not to get lost in a website, as everything stays on one page.

The chances are then very good that the client would have seen all the information on a website that the owner would wanted them to see.

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One-Pagers can be upgraded later on to a Full Website.

24/7 Server Support



What is in a Website?

Multi-Page websites are not limited and have more chances of ranking higher in search optimization due to the multiple pages it has.

A full site or website is a central location of various web pages that are all related and can be accessed by visiting the home page of the website going thru several links and menus, each connecting to a specific topic within the business.

A General Website will have a home landing page to introduce the customer to the business, an About page for the company or products and a contact page to get hold of the business.

All these pages can be taken into an One-Pager - but on a Multi-Page Website these pages will go into much more detail.


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Full Websites can be expanded into an E-Commerce website to include your business' products and/or services.

24/7 Server Support


About E-Commerce

E-Commerce is a process of buying and selling of products or services, making money transfers, and transferring data over an electronic medium (Internet).

This network allows people to do business with no barrier of distance and time E-Commerce website will give clients the ability to place immediate orders of products and/or services.

The business owner and website designer will work together to setup all information needed for clients to place and pay for orders, for example method of payments allowed and setting up of payments. Also product collection or shipping details and calculations.

The business owner will be responsible for the products on the website and will receive training on how to manage the products.

The owner will also have the ability to do stock control to allow clients to see when products are out of stock - but this is only an option.

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24/7 Server Support

2. hosting

why host with us?

You get personalized help with: Email Setup & Support Backups & Restore Security & Hacking Blocking Search Engine Opt (eg. Google) Website Updates and much more!

Graphic Designs

Include Modern Graphic Design

Free Updates on your web content

FOR ONE PRICE * We include graphic content * Free basic updates on your web content as you require * Email setup on your computer/phone * SEO & Google Optimization * Free Yearly renewals * Backups & Security * 24/7 Support

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Web Design & Hosting Innovation

Free Website and Free Yearly Domain Renewals!

Fast website processing

Backups & Security


R55 p/m

or R600 p/y

Perfect for beginner websites or small businesses.

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R85 p/m

or R900 p/y

Best suitable for small and middle businesses that need a little more (emails, photos, web pages, document emailing, etc)

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R100 p/m

or R1000 p/y

Upgrade from 2GB when you need more.

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R115 p/m

or R1100 p/y

Upgrade from 3GB when you need more.

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R130 p/m

or R1250 p/y

Big Companies usually need about 5GB.

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R210 p/m

or R2100 p/y

E-Commerce Websites start at 5GB and is usually enough.  If need to upgrade, extra GB can be added.

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R280 p/m

or R2550 p/y

Go Very Beeg..
and Bigger options also available.

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We have combined Website Design with Printing & Gift Packages to give you a great deal!

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Extra services provided

mail subscriber setup

Why get into trouble with clients and websites when you spam clients with newsletters?
Let us teach you the right way and setup a newsletter platform for you and train you at the same time.  Newsletters can reflect on your website - and we will do it for you.
Setup only R550
once off.

social media setup

Let us setup your social account to match your website and the rest of your business.
We will  setup Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more!
Setup per Account R950
once off.

google maps & business

Setup your Business directly on Google!  When clients use any Google product like Maps, they will see you when they just look at their maps!
We will then show you how to access your Google Business Account and do your own Free Ads!
Setup R275
once off.

social marketing

Market your business on the best and most accessed market today!

We have incredible success with our social advertising - and would be highly recommended as the way to advertise today!
Google Ads  from R600 p/m
Facebook Ads from R500 p/m